Charlotte Kewley sat at a desk

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Charlotte. I’m (just) 38 years old but still feel 21. Okay maybe 25. I somehow have a 6-year-old girl named Isabella, a 5-year-old boy named Jesse & a new baby, Cece, whom I manage to keep alive, fed and clothed. I’m married to Jonathan. And we have recently relocated to the Essex countryside after having lived in London for the last however many years.


Professionally, I’m a fashion stylist, consultant and editor in everything baby and kids fashion related. You can see my styling work and read more about all of that here:

I spend A LOT of time looking at, styling, writing about and shopping for babies and kids. And I love it. I know not every mother, father, grandparent or godparent gets to spend their time perusing the high street, instagram and the internet to fill their little beloved’s wardrobes. So I’ve made it my mission to edit through the masses to bring you the best little looks and take the effort out of shopping for kids.

Why am I doing this?

I wanted a voice of my own.

I haven’t always been able to feature or use all of the brands and clothes that I actually really love and am inspired by, sometimes due to advertising, price or various other politics. I love the supermarket kids ranges and the high street have some amazing baby and childrenswear. 50% of my children’s wardrobes is made up of just that. But, there are also some awesome smaller, lesser known, not much more expensive brands, websites and retailers that often get overlooked by the mainstream. And occasionally you want to blow the budget and buy something £££ just because it’s amazing. Or check out how new brands are putting clothes together for a bit of inspiration. I wanted somewhere I could feature what I really thought was good baby and kids fashion. A mixture of everything.

My promise to you is that on The Little Stylist I will only ever feature pieces that I think are fab. Be that in terms of quality, price (and there will be some mega-bargains, but you won’t be able to tell they’re a bargain because they’ll look so good), because it’s a new style or brand or just because I love it and think it would look great in your (or my) little ones wardrobe.

I hope you like the site and please do get in touch with any comments, questions, and feedback or just for a general chat…