Today’s BRAND OF THE WEEK is one of my favourite for childrenswear, Apolina. And the new S/S20 collection launches TODAY (March 19th) at 1.30pm.

Every season I think the nostalgic, bohemian, embroidered dresses and rompers can’t get anymore beautiful and every season designer, Caroline, proves me wrong. Apolina is one of the few brands I buy a piece from each collection. Usually a dress. Last season I made the mistake of opting for a dress with long sleeves which my daughter refuses to wear because she hates long sleeves (grrr) but usually she’ll wear and wear said dresses and they remain in excellent condition. (They also have a pretty good resale value if you sell preloved when the kids outgrow them – if you can stand to part with them that is. I sold one but have kept the rest to treasure for possible future siblings or grandchildren!)

Onto the prices… they’re definitely not cheap. At around £70-£80 a dress. Though other pieces are less. But if you do the £ per wear maths they’re much more reasonable and actually, you can see how these pieces are worth their price tag – the craftsmanship that goes into them is just beautiful.

As I said above the new collection launches today… these are my very, very favourites. Including a cute new unisex shirt + shorts set. Click through to see the full range in store so you can plan your order beforehand. From past experience I can tell you that things sell out FAST.

I’ve got my eye on the Hatti hay check dress in the first pic below…

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