There’s no denying it, autumn is upon us. It’s time to talk of coats, boots and winter warmers. Being a Northerner I generally leave my coat at home for as long as possible… I might throw on a casual khaki or leather jacket but I won’t be wearing a ‘big coat’ for another month or until the temperature drops below 5 degrees. But, kids need coats. Babies even more so.  And they’re likely to be your most important winter purchase…

I’ve spent the last week editing EVERY baby & kids winter coat available to bring you my edit of the very best. In terms of style and affordability. I also have edits of ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ styles which I just need to finalise then I’ll post them too. But for now, here’s my snowsuits and baby coats. I’ve added in the sizes available too which hopefully makes life/shopping easier. I’ve left out a few that I loved but were a bit ridic £££. Because I know most people think it’s unnecessary to spend the cost of a night away on a coat for someone who can’t yet walk or talk. So please know that the more expensive ones in my edit are included because they’re so beautiful and the quality so great that I do think they’re worth it. Or as is the case with one you get a free bonnet which would be at least £20 on its own!

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