A cute swimsuit. The holiday (and swimming class) essential.

I’ve seen a LOT of beautiful, super special kids swimwear coming through recently (watch this space for a round up of my favourites next week). But as my friend and I were discussing recently – kids usually need a couple of swim options. Personally I like one to be a bit of an investment or treat buy… a beautiful suit that looks cute (Because how long do you actually get to dress them up in these things for?) and then a more practical buy that I’ll be more than happy for them to get a bit messy in – for water play in the garden, splash park days and swimming lessons at the local pool.

These are my pick of the latter. The same luxe look as some of the premium styles – the seersucker, texture, ruffles, colours and THAT Tu number from Sainsbury’s which I feel is how a stylish French Mama would style her offspring for the summers spent in the South. But all are under £15. Okay, I confess, I think one or two might go up to £16 in the biggest sizes!

Some of the below do contain affiliate links. BUT most importantly I have not chosen them BECAUSE they are affiliates. Just because I love them!

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