This years most stylish swimwear for boys.

You may be pleasantly surpised to hear there are some very cool boys swim shorts around this season. I always prefer swim shorts to trunks on boys. Trunks on babies & toddlers (baby swim edit coming soon) but shorts if they’re any older. No idea why. Just personal preference, I think they look cooler + more comfortable.

Style wise I like to keep it simple. Seersucker is usually a win. In blue or red and white stripes. Actually, in general stripes are a good thing. I prefer a slightly faded, vintage or retro look rather than brights – olive, sage or khaki green, ochre, burgundy shades. Maybe a subtle print. That said I LOVE the leopard print Bobo Choses pair below. They’re the ones I’ll most likely be adding to my sons wardrobe!

These are all my favoruites…

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Click here to see my GIRL swim edit.

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