My 2-and-a-half-year-old son is pretty fussy about what he wears. He’d ideally like to wear his sisters party dresses or school uniform day in day out with the exception of his football kit and occasionally a Batman costume. 

THE favourite Tinycottons cardigan

But over the last few weeks he’s become obsessed with cardigans. He wants to wear a cardigan, t-shirt and trousers every day. Not always the ones I’d choose to put together but as it’s mostly a pretty cute, practical little look I’ll take it – it could be much worse. The most worn item in his wardrobe is the Tinycottons cardigan (above) which is from last summer’s collection (so no longer available, sorry) and he’s just outgrown any others he owned/had handed down from his sister so I’m on a mission to find more. He likes fun ones. But he also loved a plain grey one from H&M that now pretty much finishes at the elbow.

So, I’ve compiled a list of possible replacements…

It’s actually harder than you’d imagine to source ‘nice’ boys’ cardigans (in my opinion). There are loads for babies of course. And up to age 3. Then they drop off… my son is only 2 but wears age 3-4 (I’m from a family of giants). So, all of the below go up to at least 4 yrs.

On the high street you just want H&M really. Online, not instore. And Zara.

Unfortunately, the brighter, fun, original styles are a bit more £. BUT in their defence, I kind of think of cardigans as a jacket alternative for spring. I’d rather spend on a lovely cardigan and cheaper waterproof than a spring coat. That’s my reasoning to myself anyway.

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