Already one of my favourite ever kids’ labels and it’s not even a couple of years old.

You might have heard me banging on about Apolina before. I just adore the bohemian embroidered dresses, baby looks and bonnets. And now the accessories too. I first discovered Apolina a little over a year ago, just before the launch of the first collection when a very stylish friend (and founder of Nights by Wilder kid’s nightwear Elizabeth Kelly) sent me a link to an insta post. We both have a passion for beautiful kidswear! I fell in love with the romantic, whimsical 70s style and immediately bought a dress which was then dropped through my post-box the next morning with postage refunded as Caroline, the genius behind the label, lives about 3 minute’s walk from me. I then accosted her in the street one day as she was with one of her beautiful daughters who was dressed head-to-toe in Apolina – so I knew it was she and said hello! I have to just say that Caroline herself is also lovely. Someone you want to work with, support and great for some mum style inspo herself (she also does a small women’s collection each season).

Since then I have bought a new dress for my now 3-year-old daughter Isabella from each collection. They’re a luxury purchase but boy do they last. Isabella still wears her first one which is a size smaller than her newest but still looks good – the beauty of the dresses particularly is they look great as a perfect fit but super cute a little oversized too.

I’ve used so many Apolina pieces on shoots and they’re one of those conversation pieces people always ask about. And because Caroline lives so close I have already popped round to see the newest collection which launches TODAY (Friday 2nd March)! And it’s charming. The baby sets make me the broodiest. The dresses are my favourite so far – I’m buying the ‘Cass’ dress in camomile this season for Isabella – love the colour! She’ll be layering it over a grey roll neck while the ‘beast from the east’ is in residence but I can’t wait for summer when it’ll be with paired with little Young Soles or Salt-Water sandals.

These are my favourite pieces from the new collection. Which is basically everything.

One small word of warning. The dresses sell out super-fast! So, buy immediately or you may regret it.

Click the pics to go straight to the product to buy…


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