A label I was only introduced to a month or so ago, Bandy Button is already amongst my favourite summer collections. Everything is just so cool. Not cool try-hard. Effortlessly cool. In that California, slouchy, unisex way. If it were adults it would be off-duty model style that that we’d all be trying to emulate as the perfect dressed down look.

It’s actually a French brand, created by a family. Using only high quality fabrics. The clothes are made to pass down – and I think they have the kind of look that does improve with age. The new summer capsule collection ‘Desert Baby’ has a 70s vibe. Think skateboards and roller skates. It’s all so instagram friendly – the rainbows and slogans – ¬†and is already popular amongst influencer types. Especially in the US and Asia but it’s growing in popularity here too.

I found out about the brand via Cocoon Child – a recent find but another instant favourite – they’re a kids online boutique. It was founded by three stylish sisters who live between the UK and Australia and bring together the best brands from each. They’ve introduced me to several new labels I LOVE already (The Bee & The Fox is another) – all are usually difficult to trace in the UK. Which is really exciting for me. And the thing is they’re clothes that I want to shoot for magazines but also clothes that I want my kids to wear – often I see things and immediately want them for one or the other – shoot clothes often aren’t practical in real life or clothes I like for my kids might not necessarily always be interesting enough for a shoot etc… but the labels Cocoon Child stock – well I just WANT them for everything.

Most pieces are available in sizes 2-9 years but the odd piece goes up to age 11.

Click the links below to go straight to the products at Cocoon Child to buy…


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