Blune Kids

A playful Parisian kids fashion label that won’t break the bank

When you think of French kids clothes you immediately think expensive, most probably a little formal. And super stylish. Blune ticks only the last box. The fun, kooky, easy-to-wear, comfortable pieces are designed to be worn everyday. For children on the go. I love the cute prints on the pullovers. I suspect I will be purchasing the heart print one for my daughter and the banana for my son before the season is out. And I love the skirts too. And I don’t usually like skirts for little girls (unless they have braces attached) but these are elasticated at the waist, not to short and young in style. Totally age appropriate for kids.

Though fun the collection still keeps it’s Parisian cool with the whimsical styles and muted colour palette – I love the mustards and powder pinks – and the odd frill, or cute detail. The simple striped vest below has tiny heart shaped buttons and a chic knot in the straps – just enough but not too much.

The new collection is mostly available for little ones from 6 months – 10 years (though not everything comes in every size) and Alexandalexa have a big selection. Another point I should make, the prices are really reasonable. A little more than high street but not much. Totally affordable. Which makes the brand even more appealing. Scroll down for my favourites.

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