Mainly compiled for my husband… and up two weeks later than planned due to a surprise 2 weeks of home-school and isolation for my eldest + house renovation to-do lists! But everything is still in stock and (I think) has availability for pre-Christmas delivery.

So, these are all the pretty things I’d love to open on Christmas Day! I’d also love a functioning bathroom and all the work on our house complete but I think that’s ambitious.

As we have just moved house – leaving London for the almost countryside – and I’m almost 7 months pregnant it’s maybe a little more ‘niche’ than some! You’ll find some items of homeware I’ve been coveting on Instagram & Pinterest, luxury pregnancy-friendly products and clothing as well as stylish versions of some more practical items I need in my wardrobe for all these new countryside pursuits including, erm, a warmer coat and padded mittens. My sleek black fingerless gloves just aren’t cutting it on weekend walks! Then some things I just REALLY want. Like the Sezane boots which would just elevate my increasingly casual daytime look…

Note: Some of the below may contain affiliate links.

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