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Are you even on Instagram if you don’t follow Courtney Adamo? And gush over her beautiful (but effortless) wardrobe. And hair. And house, family, life… now all based in Byron Bay, Australia, where the family moved from London following a year spent travelling.

I haven’t met Courtney in real-life, just via email, over which I can confirm she is lovely. I emailed her to ask if she would like to do one of my shopping for kids interviews and she responded immediately and honestly, telling me how life and, more specifically, dressing the kids, has changed since moving to Byron…

I think I want to move to Byron Bay now too!

Here’s how she dresses her kids…

I shop for my children… Easton (13), Quin (11), Ivy (9), Marlow (6) and Wilkie (2)

My kids’ can usually be found wearing… a swimsuit! We spend most of our free time at the beach! 

When they need new shoes, we go to…. a local shop where we live here in Byron. The boys usually opt for new Vans sneakers and the girls like the Salt-Water Sandals (Wilkie hardly wears shoes, but he also has a pair of Salt-Water Sandals.) In winter, I love the Jodphur boots from Bobux


My favourite places to shop for kidswear are… the local brands here in Byron, many of them created by friends of mine!

There is also Mabo in the US, which has been a longtime favourite brand of mine, as well as Nellie Quats in the UK, and of course Babaa for beautiful knitwear. For my bigger boys, I love Bellerose

For accessories I go to… we used to have lots of accessories when we lived in London — hairclips, hats, scarves, socks, tights, mittens, etc.  But since moving here to Byron, with its year-round summery weather, we just don’t have the need for those things any more.  My kids are so often in and out of the ocean, I haven’t put hair clips in the girls’ hair since we moved here! But I do make sure the kids have plenty of hats. There’s a stall at our local farmers market that sells beautiful straw hats for kids, so that’s where I go if we need one. 

My first stop for a new baby gift is….I love the organic cotton wraps and swaddles from Taninaka and the personalised wooden rattles from Noc Noc, both are local brands here in Byron. 

Every season I buy… new swimsuits and rashies for the kids. My older boys choose their board shorts from local surf shops, but I always order the younger kids their swimmers from Canopea. I also end up buying the three younger ones a new pair of Salt-Water Sandals each season. 


How has the way the kids dress changed since you moved?

Apart from no longer needing thick jumpers, jackets and winter accessories, I’d say their style has become more relaxed and ‘surfy’, if there is such a word. 🙂 I would never have bought a t-shirt with a slogan on it when we lived in London, but I just bought Wilkie a couple tees last week with cute sayings on them.  It’s really about comfort — for the girls, they’re often wearing a dress over their swimsuit, so it just needs to be something they can easily pull on and off.  The boys wear surf or skate-inspired tees and shorts.  Wilkie has spent the majority of his life in a cotton ribbed onesie! I guess I just don’t really care as much about how they’re dressed, most of the time. 

Are there any London shops you particularly miss? 

I miss being able to pop into Petit Bateau for singlets and undies.  I haven’t found anything as good here in Australia. 

For kidswear bargains I go to… It is increasingly difficult to find stylish but simple clothes for my older kids. Now that Ivy is nearly 10, there are fewer brands that go up to her size… Sometimes I turn to Mango Kids for affordable-but-trendy pieces for my older kids.

On my shopping list… cute tanks by Nico Nico, denim overalls by Hey Gang and cotton basics from Mabo.

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