10 GIFTS HE WANTS FOR Father’s Day

As compiled by my husband and his friends via WhatsApp…

Turns out a few of them are expecting £££ spent on them this Father’s Day, pah!

I hate Father’s Day. My own Dad is SO hard to think of presents for. My husband not quite so much but still, I usually end up buying something I want him to own rather than something he actually wants. Or some random comedy gift because I left it to late. So, this year I’m prepared. 2018 is the year I will get organised and pull my shit together. I asked my other half to open up a discussion on his ‘boys banter’ or such-named WhatsApp group and find out what all the ‘boys’ (grown men, all with young children) would actually like to receive this year. I hope it provides you with some inspo. Here’s the results. Scroll down for more info.


  • Tom Dixon Whisky Glasses – LOVELY. I totally approve.
  • Very expensive Bose headphones that must surely be made of gold because they’re £329? They’re noise cancelling, have built in Google assistant (I have no idea what that is but it sounds good) and are apparently the bollocks when it comes to headphones.
  • The Curators Jerky – jerky being the must-eat snack of the moment for foodie types. Stocked in Fortnum & Mason and Selfridges but now available to buy online.
  • Old Tom Gin – apparently, it’s the best one. Probably goes well with the jerky?
  • An Arket jumper.
  • Tom + Teddy swim shorts. Matching boys shorts available to do the whole Daddy + me thing – super cute.
  • Prada cardholder. I think this one may have been a hint for me?
  • Personalised Peppa Pig My Daddy book. So maybe this one isn’t so stylish but a must for fathers of young Peppa enthusiasts…
  • The first laser guided beard trimmer – from Philips. Gives good stubble.
  • A backpack. Practical.


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