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Coming to you a little late in the week with this bargain… I’ve been busy trawling the sales (online, obviously) to bring you my edits and also trying to find a moment to actually open my laptop. Every time I try to do anything resembling work a child gets ill, what’s that all about? Does this happen to everyone? Or am I just really unlucky and a bit rubbish on the time/juggling/working mum front? Then there’s the washing pile I’ve been attempting to battle since we returned to London from my parents house ‘up north’ where we spent Christmas. I find it impossible to keep on top of washing for a family of four!? Any tips on all of the above most welcome…

Anyway, back to Find of the Week (I clearly needed to get the above off my chest!). It’s the one I’ve been trying to put up for the last few days. It’s also in my baby sales edit because it’s such a good buy. It’s H&M’s grey rib bodysuit with popper buttons. To be honest it was a bargain at it’s full price of £5.99 but now it’s only £3.49 it would be rude not to buy it in bulk. I for one, now have it for my 18-month-old bay boy in three sizes. I know it’s a basic bodysuit but here’s what makes it so good. It looks and feels luxury. It’s easy to pick up bog standard bodysuits cheap as chips but the quality and style is usually not great. This one could be MarMar Copenhagen or Noa Noa Miniature. Brands whose (similar) bodysuits have an RRP of £20 +. And that’s why it’s a winner.

Click here to buy.

Long-sleeved baby bodysuit

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