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NSPCC Numbers Day

Maths prints!

One for all those parents whose children’s nurseries & schools are taking part in this year’s NSPCC Numbers Day on 2nd February and being asked to dress up in a maths or numbers themed outfit! My 3-year-old daughter’s pre-school are getting involved which I think is great – £2 donation from each child to dress up and take part in a maths-themed fun day, activities and cinema ‘night’.

However, a maths themed outfit!? Stumped. So, I did a bit of looking around and found this little look from Marmalade Sky Baby – an Etsy brand I’m a fan of. They’re sold separately – the top is £15 & leggings are just £5 – for a limited time only!

They do also have a few other maths print pieces available –  harem pants (also £5) and an oversized top (£22). Order quickly to receive for the 2nd… Sizes go up to age 6 (but I reckon a 7-year-old could get away with the pants/oversized top) – sorry if your child is older!

Click here or the pic below to go straight to Marmalade Sky Baby to buy…



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