This years prettiest swimsuits for girls.

I’ve been trying to write this for, ooh , around two weeks! Are anyone else’s kids like limpets attached to them at the moment? In the ten minutes I’ve spent uploading this post I’ve been interrupted twice. As though they haven’t seen me for hours… though the youngest one just said “we want you because you’re the best”, so actually I’ll take that.

Anyway, one of my favourite kids fashion edits to undertake is swimwear. It’s all just so darn beautiful. Especially the girls styles (but boys and a specific baby edit are also coming soon – I say optimistically. They’re edited but need to be uploaded so I may put up tomorrow or it may be another 2 weeks!). I’m a sucker for the bows, frills, ruffles, gingham, liberty prints. Pretty things. Mostly in a muted palette of course.

I’m pretty sure I’ve trawled every kids fashion website at least twice on this mission to bring you the very best. I’ve included a mixture of high street, independent and designer brands. All are equally as lovely. They’re my favourites rather than selected because of brands. And they’ll look just as fabulous in the garden as they would on a beach…

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