“I’m not particularly girly – my daily uniform is a grey jumper and jeans or dungarees – but for some reason my daughter has it ingrained that she must wear a dress everyday. So I’m always on the lookout for comfortable, easy-to-wear ‘pretty’ dresses that are also suitable for playdates.”



“Disclaimer: The Faune dress is in actual fact a nightdress. But it’s way to pretty to only be worn for bed and makes the most perfect summer dress…”




“Olivier Baby & Kids, La Coqueta, Caramel, Louis Louise… the dresses that (my) dreams are made of. I often buy them in the next size up during the sales as they are pricey but never date.”




“My own daughter would like to dress in ‘big pink party dresses’ or Frozen fancy dress every damn day. So an actual party is a big occasion. These dresses please us both.”