Many of you (approximately 16.7k in total) probably follow Elle Strauss on Instagram. I’m a total fangirl of the British-born, LA-based (formerly NY) Stylist, Fashion Director and mum of two.

On Insta she’s super stylish, as are her children and surroundings, but she still comes across as approachable and lovely. And her response when I emailed her out of the blue (we’ve never met!) to do one of these interviews was just sweet, normal and really friendly. As though we’re actually mates. I like her a lot! Here’s how she dresses her daughters… Honor, 8 and Imogen, almost 3.

How do you describe your daughter’s style?
Feminine but simple and a little traditional I guess.

Where do you get inspiration for their wardrobes?
Ooh everywhere, from how my mum used to dress me to the fact that we now live in LA. I think the girl’s style has softened as it’s literally sunny EVERYDAY.




Where are your favourite places to shop for kidswear?
Juniperbaby.com (US based but ships) carries the most amazing selection – favourites include delicious brands Rylee & Cru and Tocoto Vintage. Maisonette (US based but ships) – basically net-a-porter for kids. Their edit is fantastic. My favourites are these amazing liberty print hair bows from a French brand called five/eleven, State backpacks (when you buy one they donate a back pack, fully stocked with school supplies, to a child in need) and AKID sneakers, which Honor literally wears every day for school.

Then on the high street M&S and Zara – always. For me too! Old navy for hidden gems and they have fab swimwear. Wild and gorgeous for special occasion dresses. Little Moon Society for the softest leggings, sweatshirts and hoodies. Scamp & Dude everything in leopard print – we are big fans in this house. Love a bit of Mango for Honor too.




What are your kids wardrobe must-haves?
Dresses and more dresses. Honor won’t wear jeans or leggings but luckily in LA she can pretty much get away with it. Other than dresses I guess cute cardigans for colder mornings and swimsuits. Gone are the days when we had to deal with NYC winters and I had to force her into warm clothes.

Do they have huge wardrobes full of amazing clothes
Oh gosh I’m afraid so. And I’m constantly reminding them how lucky they are and telling Honor I’m not buying her anymore when she misbehaves… but then I always see something too cute not to buy!

Any baby or children’s style rules you adhere to?
Never sacrifice comfort for style, especially with shoes. The idea that I would send them out into the world with uncomfortable shoes (especially before they could speak) terrified me. I always try to stick to quality brands Clarks, Sunseeker sandals, Plae, AKID, DM boots! That way the shoes are always comfortable and fully support my kids growing feet.

Then I guess I avoid bright pop colours in favour of faded soft ones. But sometimes it’s unavoidable when they see their friends wearing a hot pink skirt or something. Luckily Honor has her mum’s love of chambray and stripes and Imogen’s still at an age where I get to decide!




Is there anything you buy for your kids every season?
Tricot knitted cardigans in grey by Tocoto Vintage and Rylee & Cru dresses. Nights by Wilder nightwear.
AKID no lace Sutherland sneakers. GAME CHANGERS you can also throw them in the washing machine
Wild and gorgeous dresses.
Clarks shoes – we go home to the UK and I have them measured properly down the high street!

Your girls always look super stylish. Are they ever in Disney outfits/emoji t-shirts/minion pyjamas or the like?
Honor grew out of it (thank goodness!) but there was a point when she would go to nursery everyday dressed as a Disney princess. Imogen currently has Peppa Pig and Trolls pyjamas and knickers!

What do your girls think of your style?
Honor is always asking for my shoes and trying on my dresses and recently announced that she can’t wait to inherit the lot, so I guess that’s a seal of approval.




How do you juggle work and motherhood? Any tips?
Wine?! Failing that just keep going, and know that everyone else is going through the exact same juggle and craziness, regardless if they work or not. I try to schedule everything on the kitchen calendar but even that goes to pot some weeks. I am extremely lucky to have a fantastic nanny who does nursery and school pick-up so that’s obviously a total god send, especially to come home from work to fed and bathed children. Currently, Imogen has chosen 9pm as her new bedtime so that’s a little stressful, especially when you still have work to do. That’s when the wine comes into play!


On Elle’s shopping list…









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