I’m sure you all know lovely Erica Davies of The Edited. Does anyone not follow her inspiring instagram feed for style and interiors tips? I know at least 93k of you do! Erica is an ex-Fashion Editor (The Sun, Look magazine), superstar blogger and Instagram star.


I first met Erica years ago via Look magazine (she interviewed me for some work!) and immediately loved her. Partly because she’s Northern. Like me. Partly because she’s just so warm, friendly and engaging. She’s been top of my target list for a ‘how I dress my kids’ interview and I’ve been hassling/begging her to do one for ages (sorry Erica). So here it is…


Erica, we love your style! Obviously. But, as this is ‘the little stylist’ I’d love to talk about you how you dress your kids; Charlie, 8 and Lila, 6.

How would you describe your kids’ style?

It’s funny because I had developed a style for them – but now they’ve developed their own and I can’t do much to persuade them against it! My son is happiest in comfy – so tracksuit bottoms, shorts and tees. Classic quote: ‘I checked and they’re fine, they don’t have any stains on them!’ But I love him in classics – great, well fitting, NOT skinny jeans and a plain white or striped tee. My daughter is happiest when SHE puts things together, not me. Knee high socks, last year’s shorts (that are slightly too small) and bohemian blouses – that’s the kind of thing. After years of ONLY wearing dresses, she now only wants jeans and shorts! I tend to pick cool pieces with a feminine twist for her as she doesn’t want anything to do with pink!




Where are your favourite places to shop for kidswear? 

I always check out H&M, Zara and Sainsburys for basics, with M&S coming up trumps this season for both of them. I also try and support smaller businesses and brands – including Little Eleven Paris, Short Stitch UK, who offer curated boxes of clothes for children dependent on their style and Outside The Lines, whose pieces I love.

Do you go for designer or high street?

Definitely more high street. As a fashion editor, my remit was always high street and that’s really where I tend to focus. But having said that, there are so many amazing smaller brands out there offering things that are unique and interesting and cool for kids.

What are your kids wardrobe must-haves?

Great denim, striped tees, Saltwater sandals, cool waterproof jackets




Do they have huge wardrobes full of amazing clothes like we imagine you to?

No! And even then, it’s a nightmare to get them to hang them up. It’s a WAR-drobe, not a FLOOR-drobe!

Any baby or kids’ style rules you adhere to?

Don’t stick to blue for a boy, pink for a girl – mix things up. Play with print and clash patterns while they don’t have any choice!

Is there anything you buy for your kids every season? Or have bought in more than one size?

I invest in the surfer sandals by Saltwater every year for my son, either in blue or tan. Then my daughter inherits them!


What do the kids think of your style? Hopefully they approve but I know my own almost-4-year-old thinks I’m incredibly boring because I don’t wear pink or tutu’s!

They are quite funny because they know it’s my job so quite often say ‘oooh THAT’S interesting mummy!’ if I am wearing something particularly ‘fashion!’ Lila likes me with my nails painted and helps me pick things out quite often – I’ve no idea where she gets it from!

How do you juggle work and motherhood? Any tips!?

The juggle is real! I am freelance so I do work from home most of the time, with one day a week in London where the children go to breakfast club and are collected after school by our childminder. I have to be strict with myself because I can’t make every event or invitation, so try to contain things to the one day I can make it. I also have amazing parents and in-laws who will always step in if needed – and my husband tries to be as flexible as he can, as he appreciates my job isn’t that normal and I am at home MOST of the time!

On Erica’s shopping list…



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