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The effortlessly stylish Editor of Absolutely Mama magazine with one of the prettiest Instagram feeds I follow (@hel_bow)


Helen Baron is one of the most stylish people I know. She oozes cool but in a beautifully approachable, effortless, not in-your-face kind of way. And her daughters; Clem Dot, 3 and Ofèlia Rei, 1 always look SO cute and refreshingly, not super-girly. So, I was thrilled when Helen agreed to be my second interviewee on kids style…

How do you dress your kids?

Not sure there’s much of a comprehensive theme. The baby I like dressing in neutrals – there is so much beautiful baby stuff out there it makes you want to keep having them!

I would dress Clem in dark colours all the time but certain colours suit her skin tone better. Up until recently I would have described the overall style as gender neutral but lately pink’s been creeping in because Clem loves it so much. And if I think she’ll like something, I get it for her (we just got the Stella McCartney ice-cream dress because I knew she would freak, which she did!).




Where do you shop for your kids?

All over – and all found on Instagram. Smallable and MamaOwl are super useful for stocking up.

Any children’s style rules?

I guess I’ve never been into ‘designer’ luxury brands (Stella McCartney is the exception) for kids or on the other end of the spectrum, fast fashion.

What are your kid’s wardrobe must-haves?

The baby accumulates bloomers. I just find that the easiest outfit to bung her in – and I do like a matching bonnet. And an animal hat.




Do you have favourite kids brands?

There are so many great ones – and more and more coming out. For babies I like Gray Label and Bacabuche (sweet basics, kimonos). For Clem, I always tend to get something from Bobo Choses or Animals Observatory each season (artful prints and cuts). Minimalisma for both.

 Is there anything you buy every season?

So far, we’ve looked to Saltwater sandals to see us through each summer.

You have two daughters; do you dress them the same?

Clem, I dressed more in prints and monochrome as a baby (I remember Mini Rodini being in our orbit a lot then). Baby Rei’s ended up more in dusky pinks and mustards. 

How do you balance working and motherhood?

At the moment the balance is tipped slightly more on the side of the kids which I hope to make the most of before they’re at school.

Do you use a changing bag?

I use the Jem and Bea Marlow duffle bag.




Has your personal style changed since becoming a mother?

My style is kind of spartan. I like Japanese minimalism/workwear. I wear the same things over and over. Kind of like a uniform. I acquire coats! I think I prefer it – I can’t believe I wore heels to work before?! Although when I have to go out or have an event I then have to panic-buy! Good jeans are an essential.


What’s on Helen’s shopping list?


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