Zoë de Pass is one cool mother. Also known as @dresslikeamum on Instagram with over 104K followers she’s challenging the frumpy image of mum-dressing and has, basically, made motherhood cool with her inspirational, fun style. She’s also a mum of three (a boy aged 6, a girl aged 4 and a new-born baby boy) making my dream of a 3-child-family look a total breeze…


I first met Zoe at a press breakfast when my eldest was around a year old, I remember she had her daughter with her who was super well behaved. We were sat next to each other, then shared a cab to another press event. This was around 3 years ago, give or take a few months. I really liked her. She was chatty, engaging and just really nice. Someone you want to go for a drink, have a chat and just hang out with. God, I sound like a total fangirl. Anyway, I love her style and her enthusiasm for fashion, family and life and was SO delighted that she agreed to do a little ‘how I dress my kids’ interview for me! So here it is…


Zoe, I could ask you SO many questions on your own inspo but as this is ‘the little stylist’ I’d love to talk to you about how you dress your kids…

How would you describe their style or the way you dress them?

I would love to be able to dress them but they have their own ideas!  Generally though I like them to wear fun, happy, colourful and comfortable clothes. Things that they can run and jump in and get dirty.

Where are your favourite places to shop for baby & kids?

I shop for my kids in the same way as I shop for myself – from individual shops, small businesses, I occasionally splash out on something designer/expensive (especially if I know I can hand it down) and then I tend to get their basics from places like H&M and M&S.

Brands wise I love so many – Mini Rodini, Indikidual, Bang Bang Copenhagen, Claude & Co, Mori (for the baby), Smalls, Billie Bandit, Scamp & Dude and Stella McCartney. I mostly buy clothes online from places like Hip Little People, Melijoe or directly from the brands.




What are your kids wardrobe must-haves?

My daughter loves a pink dress, skirt or tutu. My son loves comfortable clothes and things with lightening bolts on them.

Any baby or children’s style rules?

No rules but I tend to avoid dressing them as mini adults – plenty of time for that when they grow up.

Is there anything you buy for your kids every season? 

We are fans of Bobux shoes and Saltwater Sandals which I tend to get them most seasons.

Do you choose the kids clothes or do the older two already have strong opinions on how they dress?

I can still just about choose my son’s outfits (when he is in the right mood) and the baby’s obviously but my daughter is very (very) opinionated when it comes to what she likes and what she will wear. I do respect her for it and I’m not one to judge but some of her choices aren’t what I’d choose but each to their own.

Where do you get style inspo for the kids?

From the clothes themselves – I don’t worry too much about matching and favour comfort and colour above most things.

How do you juggle work, kids and now brand-new motherhood? Any tips!?

No sorry no tips – I have no idea how I juggle it all. I have a very supportive husband which definitely helps, other than that I just get on with it!




Which baby changing bag are you using?

I have a few – a Tiba + Marl Raf holdall in grey snake, a Jem + Bea denim rucksack and an Ask Scandinavia black Toby backpack. And sometimes I just use a normal large bag and take a changing matt. It depends on where I’m going and what I’m wearing!




Any new mum must-haves you’ve discovered third time around?

There seem to be a fair few new products around since my first baby – I’m loving all the colourful patterned muslins like those from Etta Loves.

There also seems to be way more choice when it comes to ethically produced and organic cotton clothes which is great.



Which pieces were top of your wishlist for baby?

Mori baby grows, a Mini Rodini leopard baby grow, a Bosie Baby moses basket and some Claude & Co outfits.

Plus, a Stokke Cot and Ana Moly wallpaper.




On Zoë’s shopping list…




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