I think there’s an expectation that my kids are forever looking pristinely stylish in timeless classics or cool new pieces. And, given my job title and The Little Stylist they probably should…

Sorry to disappoint but they’re more often than not looking less than insta friendly. In fact, when in conversation with other parents at the nursery gates or in the park I’m often fearful of disclosing my job title as they’d probably laugh in my face given my kids’ appearance at times. Let alone want to take advice from me…

Don’t get me wrong – I’d average that 70% of the time my offspring fit with my aesthetic and people often ask me where an item of their clothing is from. They have the best wardrobes (I’m SO jealous). And the coolest pieces. From designers, new independent brands I’ve seeked out, high street heroes etc. But will they actually wear them? My kids are pretty smart. They know their wardrobes are a kind of currency with me… and often rebel! Not that they can go far wrong (I keep their wardrobes pretty edited) but they seek out my least favourites… from each others clothes in the wrong size (my son especially loves anything two sizes too small), Christmas pyjamas meant to be worn as a one off for nursery, fancy dress or character tat they’ve been given by well meaning relatives who probably feel sorry for them being forever put in muted tones or (I can’t believe I’m admitting we own this, me of the ‘muted palette’ preaching) a neon pink sequin emoji t-shirt my daughter will not part with. IT WAS UNIFORM FOR A DANCE SHOW. I promise I do know what I’m talking about when it comes to kids fashion! Have you lost all respect for me now?

So, as you can imagine we have fun in the mornings… and I do have perspective. They don’t HAVE to look like I’ve ‘styled them’ each morning. Thank god. So sometimes, they leave the house looking less ideal than I would like. Whatever. They’re happy!

Now on to the actual clothes… My kids wardrobes are made up of approx:

  • 5% designer
  • 40% small Independent brands or vintage ranging in price from really affordable to a little more…
  • 42% high street – hero pieces, lots of my ‘find of the week’ pieces I feature on instagram, essentials and basics
  • 3% supermarket steals
  • 10% hand me downs

And I hope that tallies up as maths is certainly not my strong point!

Some of their clothes are gifted by brands which I’m SO appreciative of! Others give a discount which again I’m SO appreciative of. Others I’ve bought with my own dollar. Also, I feel the need to say here that a lot of the pieces I’m gifted or given a discount on are because of my job as a kids stylist rather than because of The Little Stylist! But yes, I (we) are very lucky. It’s a huge, the biggest, perk of the job.

As for where I shop. The answer is pretty much everywhere. I shop as I see things when browsing a lot. Some things I remember from press previews and buy when they launch. A lot of designer/pricier pieces I love I’ll keep an eye on and wait for any kind of sale or discount then purchase. I shop smart! Kids trends don’t really date so I just shop for what I love.

I do find it so much easier to find beautiful pieces for my daughter. Boys clothing has improved dramatically over the last few years. And indeed gender neutral styles. But I do love a ruffle, a crossover back and a pretty collar…

I hope I’ve set the record straight and that you’ll still love my recommendations even though you now know we own a sequin emoji tee.

These are a few of my current favourite summer items in the kids’ wardrobes. And ones I definitely recommend… some of the below do contain affiliate links but most importantly none are included because they are affiliate links.

Isabella’s wardrobe…

Jesse’s wardrobe…

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