I had a few questions on my hospital bag so thought I’d put a little post together on what I’ll be packing. Also, even though I don’t have all of these in and packed yet just writing it makes me feel way more prepared! I now have my list. It may not all be as pretty as my usual posts but it’s all essential. I hope it helps if you’re due to give birth anytime soon…

So this being my third baby I have a pretty good idea of what I need and want this time around. But a few newbies have popped up in the last few years that I’m excited to try. My Expert Midwife Spritz for Bits for one. I say excited, obviously I hope not to need it but… unlikely. Sorry first timers.

Also, this time around I did a hypnobirthing course which was actually the best thing I/we could have done. Both my births previously were, well, natural and they were what they were – I won’t go into details as I’m all positive this time around. But I’m determined that this time will be better and I can’t recommend my hypnobirthing instructor Birth Easy With Georgia enough (she does it via Zoom right now so it doesn’t matter where you live, this is how we did ours and can confirm it works just as well as in real life). She’s completely changed the way I/we feel about the birth and given us lots of great tips. Including a few hospital bag must-haves I would never have thought of like arnica & glucose tablets, the pillow spray I’ve been using at night while listerning to hypnoborthing tracks and an eye mask to block out bright lights!

So, for my actual hospital bag I’m using the Tiba & Marl Raf.

And then in it…


I’ll be taking all of the below which includes: soft maternity bras, energy bars, an eye mask, 8 hour cream or rescue balm, Lanisoh nipple cream, the previously mentioned Spritz for Bits (look it up to see what it does!), my PLACENTA cool pack kit ready for encapsulation (I’m weirdly excited about this – I’m having my placenta made into capsules after the birth with Placenta Essex, so far they have been lovely answering all my questions, I feel like I – or my placenta – is in good hands. Contact them for more info but I did a lot of research and am satisfied that there are a lot of health benefits. But I know it sounds a bit weird…), breast pads, bbhugme maternity pillow, cheap flip-flops, facial spritz, Bloom & Blossom sleep spray, arnica tablets, maternity pads, Wise Hippo hypnobirthing manual (I’ll also be using hypnobirthing mp3’s so taking headphones and a mini speaker), the cheapest massive cotton knickers I can find that I can throwaway once used – paper disposables are just a bit grim, glucose tablets and my kindle just in case I’m, like, SO relaxed!

I’ll also be taking a big old oversized T-shirt for birth and an old bikini top for the birthing pool which I’m hoping to use, chunky socks, a nursing nightdress – I kind of hate these in general, so frumpy and a bit naff plus last time I just wanted to throw it away when I left hospital so I’ve just ordered one of these cheap ones. Then a going home outfit – most likely these Isabella Oliver leggings and another oversized old tee! Hair bobbles or a big clip, a brush, mini dry shampoo, face wipes, moisturiser a dressing gown (again, an old one I can potentially throw away after), water bottle with a sports cap, my maternity notes + birth plan, phone charger, mini toothbrush + toothpaste kit, mini shower gel, a towel and flannel, mini deodorant, tissues, plastic bags for washing. Oh and my make-up bag. Just in case I’m feeling THAT well.


So I haven’t decided exactly which pieces I’m taking in my hospital bag yet for baby but in summary it will include approximately 3/4 baby vests + sleepsuits, scratch mits and a newborn hat, a ‘going home’ outfit and chunky knitted cardigan. Most likely some of the below (I’m having a girl) but see my BABY SHOP for lots more ideas and I will be putting up a post on beautiful new baby clothes very soon… I’ll also have a soft blanket + muslins and then nappies, wipes and nappy sacks! I think that’s it for baby.

Finally, I guess we’ll be taking a car seat and a change of clothes + toothbrush for my partner! And I can’t decide whether to get a TENS machine this time around. I did with both previous births but I worries it might take me out of my hypnobirthing ‘zone’ so not sure whether to this time… let me know if you have any experience in that area? And if there’s anything I’ve missed?

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