Fashion Journalist, founder of Work Work Work, author of Why Social Media Is Ruining Your Life and mother to Grey, 1.


I’ve followed Katherine Ormerod on Instagram for years. She’s a Fashion Journalist, super stylish and one of the first people (I think) to ‘do’ instagram well. But it was when she launched her anti-perfectionism platform Work Work Work that she really caught my attention. She’s refreshingly honest…

I remember two particular features she wrote that I could really identify with. One on money. Money’s To Tight To Mention. It’s about the perception that women who work in the fashion industry have a lot of money, or are from a privileged background. Many are. But she isn’t. Nor am I. So could relate. The second was about ‘the truth behind the “perfect” instagram life’ and a series of her previous instagram posts in which she looked fabulous when in fact she was going through some pretty tough times. They’re a great read – she’s relatable, real, unpretentious. And her book goes into this and the whole impact of social media in more depth.

But sorry I’m just rambling and this post isn’t about any of that.

It’s about shopping for her baby son Grey. Where she buys from and how she styles him…

Grey can usually be found wearing… Newbie leggings, a Petit Bateau stripy body and a gorgeous knit from Elfie.

My favourite item in his wardrobe is… his baby cashmere… it really isn’t the most practical, but divine! We were given a beautiful cashmere sweater and stripy cashmere trousers from Olivier London and I just love snuggling in with him wearing the combo!


When he needs new shoes we go to… We still haven’t done shoes as he’s not walking, we do have Robeez navy leather ‘first shoes’ which are more like slippers.

My favourite places to shop for kidswear are…

For accessories I go to… Gap Kids – the very best socks!

My first stop for a new baby gift is…. Petit Bateau Le body sets in different coloured stripes. They are so beautifully made and wash so well.

I get baby style inspiration from… Is it terrible to say my own wardrobe?! Probably my boyfriend’s wardrobe too!

Every season I buy…New socks (where tf do they go?!) New stripy bodies and we’ll do a little Zara shop to add a few more unusual pieces in with the classics.

For baby & kidswear bargains I go to… H&M and Gap Kids sale

On my shopping list…

Follow Katherine’s motherhood journey with baby grey on Instagram here.

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