In case you haven’t noticed, there are a LOT of sales on at the moment.birthday-girl-balloon-pink-dress

Now, baby & kids sales, unlike womens, are amazing for padding out your kids wardrobes as styles, generally, don’t date as fast. I always buy at least a few pieces per child in the next size up (or if there’s something I really love that’s only available a few sizes bigger I’ll buy and stash away for a nice surprise in a few years time…). The high street sales are great and all but it’s the higher end sales I really love as the price points come down to almost high street level but for superior quality, beautiful pieces.

There are a few sales I always check out… Smallable & Alexandalexa are a must. Wild & Gorgeous have some great pieces. And I love MamaOwl & Cissy Wears. But my favourite sale to shop is La Coqueta. I’ve said it before but it’s probably my favourite kids brand if I had to choose just the one. I love the traditional, Spanish style that somehow seems fresh and modern. Every piece feels special.  This season my main purchase was the Bergia dress (above), now £54.60 down from £78, which Isabella wore for her birthday party! As there are only a few weeks of sales left – here’s a little edit of my favourite La Coqueta sale buys. TIP: Buy fast! These pieces don’t last long… click the pics to go straight to the product to buy.


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