Little leopard print baby looks


Mum wearing leopard print baby carrier


I love leopard print. You’re either a lover or a hater right? I’m definitely on side with the  ‘it’s a neutral’ opinion. And for me it fits in with my mostly muted colour, black, navy, grey and denim wardrobe. Same for my kids – I love it with an antique rose pink too. And always dressed down so it looks effortless. I’d avoid a fancy shiny glittery leopard print kids dress like the plague.

Until fairly recently it’s been difficult to find ‘stylish’ leopard print clothes for little ones. There’s always rails of the bright pink, sparkly leopard print available which is NOT what I’m talking about. It has to be a perfect, smaller subtler brown leopard print on great quality fabrics in timeless shapes.

So here are my top 10 stylish little leopard print looks. They’re all fun, cool and easy to wear.  The Artipoppe carrier is surely reason alone to have a baby… and how great value is the new-in H&M changing bag? I personally will be buying one to use as my next summer holiday family beach bag…


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