Not to be confused with what I’ll actually get.

I actually have a lovely Mother’s Day weekend planned. On Saturday my mum & I are having a day just the two of us. I’m going to get the train up north to meet her and we’re going out for a fancy lunch, doing a bit of shopping and then I’m getting the train home. So not only do I get to spend some quality time with my mum alone (probably for the first time since my youngest – now 2.5 years – was born) but I also get about 4 hours solo on the train. I could work on my laptop, read a book, scroll instagram, drink coffee…

Then on actual Mother’s Day I’m hoping we’ll have a nice family day which will involve a lie in, breakfast in bed, a nice lunch out and a walk maybe. I fully expect a card. Flowers? See, I’m pretty low maintenance really.

So this is actually just a list of things I want and think would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift for me or someone else… some have a bit of a ‘mother’ theme. Some don’t. But none are over the top ‘mummy’. I REALLY want both pairs of sandals. They’re top of my list. And I might actually buy the Arket skirt for myself!

There are one or two affiliate links in here but more importantly NONE are included because they’re affiliate links.

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