20 gifts I’d love for Mother’s Day

Or actually at any time. Basically, just a list of stuff I want…


I love Mother’s Day. I mean what a brilliant idea that was! I can’t wait till my kids can make me breakfast in bed and give me an actual lie in.

I spend most of my time looking at baby & kid’s clothes and planning wish lists for the little ones and you won’t see much for ‘mum’ (or just grown adults) on a little look but I felt I could indulge myself for this particular day and my background pre-kidswear was as a fashion stylist for women’s magazines & brands… I myself am actually very restrained when it comes to shopping and don’t over buy, even less so now. But I do obsess about some things for a long time before I buy. Obviously, there’s the odd impulse purchase (hard not to do that in my line of work) but I often have screenshots of items I love on my phone for months before I finally invest, imagining what I’d wear things with and how I’d wear them. I love a bit of Pinterest streetstyle inspiration to. (Are you following me on Pinterest yet?) Positive visualisation and all that.

So, these are the things I want right now. Some are realistic and I probably will just buy for myself anyway. Some, as my husband would say, are ambitious.

I hope they provide some inspo if you’re thinking about dropping hints to those around you… feel free to email or just screenshot the page to those who should be buying for you! Or, obviously, just buy them yourself. You deserve it.

Just click on the pics to go straight to the product to buy. Scroll down past the pics for more info on each…



Let me talk you through them…

  1. The Small Home moccasin slippers – I’ve been desperate for these for ages. They just look the cosiest.
  2. Saint Laurent sunglasses. I’ve seen these popping up on various influencers on Instagram and I’m totally sold.
  3. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Pillow Talk. Heard so much about it then my younger cousin bought it last week and it looked SO perfect. Natural, subtle, pretty. And one slick of lipstick will obviously make me look younger/prettier/better won’t it?
  4. I love these Kikki K journals. I completed the Gratitude one last year (whenever I remembered) and it really does give you a more positive outlook.
  5. Leopard heels. Perfect with an ankle length jean.
  6. Chunky knit cardigan. I’ve had a screenshot of this on my phone for at least a year.
  7. Olympus PEN camera. Feel I need to upgrade my iPhone camera for my Insta shots…
  8. Life Lessons from Remarkable Women book by Stylist magazine. I know some of the brilliant women who worked on this book and can’t wait to read it.
  9. Mori’s grey mum onesie. A stylish babygrow for mums. What’s not to love?
  10. I’ve been after some perfect ankle length trousers (that aren’t jeans) to wear with sneakers for a while, these tick every box.
  11. Converse hi tops. I already have the lo’s but sometimes my ankles get cold…
  12. Louise Misha’s first women’s capsule collection just launched at Smallable and its dreamy.
  13. Rains waterproof. A while ago at my daughter’s ballet class I found myself complimenting a fellow mum over her raincoat. She mentioned Rains and I’ve become obsessed with their jackets since. Cool, minimal, stylish. And they’re on ASOS.
  14. A Cowshed gift card always goes down well with me.
  15. Wyse London’s rainbow stripe cashmere joggers are one of those items I would wear ALL THE TIME. (I work from home a lot.) But I’d never buy for myself.
  16. Our kitchenware needs some serious upgrading. Our mugs are, err, limited in availability. (Most of them have been binned/broken/chipped.) And the remaining ones are mostly silly Santa gifts and freebies. They kind of ruin my morning coffee. These rustic mugs would way enhance it.
  17. Anthropologie quilt. I love layered quilts. I actually want this one to go on my 21-month-old sons bed. He’s in a double. We tried the toddler bed and he kept getting out to get into the spare double bed in his room so now he goes straight in there but it needs new linen. This quilt would finish it off perfectly.
  18. I love everything on Edit58. I haven’t tried one of the candles yet but am desperate to. I’m sure they’ll be as dreamy as everything else on the site.
  19. White roses are my favourite. And M&S deliver these on a Sunday too…
  20. Fort Dungarees. Another I’ve been obsessed with on Instagram for a good 6 months. I’ve had them sent over recently for a shoot and written about them for a mag but I have to send them back. One I’ll be buying for myself come sunnier days I’m sure.

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