I’d like to think I’m a champion of independent brands but I also LOVE the high street. For myself and the kids. So I’ve decided to introduce curated edits of some of my favourite high street shops for baby & kidswear. Those big hitters that you can always find something you love in but it sometimes take a while to scroll (or if you’re in an actual shop trawl) through to find the real gems. Hopefully these edits will save you that time!

So I’m starting with NEXT.

I love winter clothes. I love a statement coat. I love tartan. Leopard print. Chunky knitwear. Corduroy. All in earthy autumnal tones. I usually find NEXT are good for all of the above. In fact I don’t think my daughter has ever not had a chunky knitted Next cardigan in her wardrobe… This season I’m also particularly loving their ribbed wool tights – in berry and ginger. I usually spend ££ on tights and socks (I think a good pair can make all the difference to a look) but these are very, very good!

Note: This is not an ad or sponsored post. I do use affiliate links. But most importantly I never include anything because it is an affiliate link.