It’s only the beginning of August and I’m already struggling at the thought of entertaining the kids for another month! Don’t get me wrong, my kids are well-behaved, fun etc but it’s just relentless. No time to shoot, work on The Little Stylist (all my BIG plans are on hold AGAIN, I’ll get there one day…) or reply to an email… and we have a fair amount of ‘other stuff’ going on at the moment that I’ll maybe bore you with another day!

Anyway, I completely forgot that just before the summer hols kicked off I started a little edit of ‘stylish summer toys’. Things that look pretty on a shelf or in the garden as well as being, well, actual kids toys. So here it is. Some are good for killing a few hours, some for beach or pool days and some would just make a REALLY lovely present that the parent can appreciate as much as the child. There’s a good mix of price points so hopefully something for every budget…

Note: Some of the below may contain affiliate links but more importantly nothing is included beacuse it is an affiliate link.

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