Shopping the sales: The baby top 12

The sales are THE best time to buy. Baby and kids’ clothes don’t date like womenswear. And aren’t so trend-focused. Meaning you can’t go quite so wrong with the bad sale buys as is possible when buying for grown-ups (and by ‘you’ I mean ‘me’).

The high-street of course does a good kids sale but my favourite places to sale shop for little ones are those brands that are usually a bit of a treat buy – La Coqueta, Greenberry Kids, MarMar Copenhagen, Louis Louise –  the sale brings their offerings a lot closer to a high street price tag. As far as I’m concerned you can’t go much wrong with brands like these. The quality is amazing and I covet most things on their websites.

Here’s how to shop the baby & kids’ sales like a pro:

  • Make the most of them. This is my prime time for re-stocking my own children’s wardrobes. I think about what they need now but also what they’ll need in the next few months. E.g. I’ve seen some super cute kids summer hats and swimwear in the sales.
  • If you’re not sure; order it. In two sizes. You can always send it back. Most places now offer free delivery and returns when you order over a certain amount and you can guarantee if you change your mind it’ll go…
  • Buy bigger sizes. If I see something I love but it isn’t available in my child’s size I order a bigger one. Children grow fast. And they always need new clothes. If I see something really great I sometimes order it in the next few sizes. Bodysuits, simple tee’s, that kind of thing.
  • Go for big ticket items. Shoes, boots, party dresses, coats. Buy next year’s now. Hell, buy for in two year’s time if you really, really love something and it’s fairly classic. I bought my daughters winter coat for next year in last year’s winter sale – from Wild & Gorgeous.

I’ve been pouring over the sales since Christmas Eve (I couldn’t sleep, all the excitement) and have been busy rounding up my top buys. And making a few orders for myself (ahem, of the below I’ve already bought the Bobo Choses sail print tee & captain sweatshirt and H&M bodysuit for my youngest). So here are my top 12 sale buys for baby. It was supposed to be 10 but I just couldn’t cut it down anymore – as things sell out I will try to update them with the ones I almost included and I’ll add posts on my top boy and girl buys in the next few days too…

In the meantime happy (sale) shopping!

PS. Prices correct and items in stock at the time of writing. Click the pics below to buy…


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