Actual name Francesca McConchie but you’ll probably know mother, baker and taker of beautiful snaps best by her Instagram name @lovelyfrancesca.

At the risk of sounding like a stalker I started following Francesca on Instagram (I think) early last year. The pics of her two beautiful children and their life caught my attention. But mostly it was their style. They’re super cool. In an effortless way. The kind of style I love. They all look so relaxed and natural. But original and authentic. This isn’t kids being asked to stand against a wall and pose (I’m totally guilty of doing this btw so not judging anyone else!).

I assumed they lived in California or Australia because everything is so stylish, bohemian, vintage and creative… And the light and colours of Francesca’s feed are just so dreamy. So was pretty surprised when I realised they were located in Walthamstow, East London. 10 minutes from me. (Why don’t my pics look like that?) However, weirdly enough – but I think very suited to them – the family have now relocated to LA. So now the pics are even more dreamy…

Francesca is a pro baker by day – just check out @cakeofdreams for evidence. WOW.

But, as I said I love her kids style – here’s how she shops for them.

I do sometimes use affiliate links. But most importantly I never include anything because it’s an affiliate link.

I shop for my children… Pablo (9) and Indiana (almost 7)

My kids’ can usually be found wearing… We just relocated to Los Angeles and Pablo is transitioning into a phase of only really wanting to wear sportswear, so I’m being dragged to Adidas and investing in insane basketball shoes all of a sudden. Indy is more fun, she wears a lot of Pablo’s hand me downs and a lot of vintage. Once or twice a year I buy them a few quality items that last, usually Bobo Choses or Nico Nico, or some smaller lovely brands. 

My favourite item in their wardrobe is… Indy has an amazing growing collection of Laura Ashley dresses I LOVE and wish were mine. Also their pj suits from For Ivor always make me happy, or anything from What Mother Made

When they need new shoes, we go to… Hummel for velcro trainers that can double as school shoes and last forever, look cool and take less than a minute to put on. I also love Bensimon plimsolls for summer.

My favourite places to shop for kidswear are…

For accessories I go to… I am awful at accessories. Honestly wherever I happen to be when things get desperate. My kids are always the ones with no sun hat, or some mismatched gloves from the chemist. 

My first stop for a new baby gift is…. Rudy Jude is so dreamy.

I get kids style inspiration from… Music, nostalgia, films, nature, art, colour… It’s definitely a jumble of influences mixed up with their own personalities and individual styles and quirks. 

Every season I buy… Sweatshirts and swimsuits from Bobo Choses or The Animal’s Observatory. They last YEARS.

For kidswear bargains I go to… Smallable has a great outlet, and there are loads of people selling awesome second hand stuff on Instagram these days. I daren’t share the links. 

On my shopping list…

The green dress for Indy’s birthday – I actually dream about it at night. Swimmers for Pablo and THIS holographic dress.

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