I ❤️ socks with sandals


Pic credits. From Motherland editorial in Smallish magazine. Photographer: Leonie Freeman. Stylist: Me (Charlotte Kewley). Art Director: Charlotte Wallace. Hair & make up: Jess Summers. Models: Darcy at Kids London wearing Apolina dress, Mabli socks at Luna & Curious and Salt-Water sandals. Rusty at Grace & Galor wearing Bellerose tee at Smallable and Juniper Berry Kids dungarees. Amazing April wearing Fort Dungarees.


Why I love socks with sandals…

On kids. Not myself, just to be clear.

The above is a pic I styled for a shoot called ‘Motherland’ in the new issue of Smallish magazine (out now).  This particular pic made me realise how much I really do love kids in socks with sandals. I’ve long been a fan. You just have to make sure they’re the RIGHT socks with the RIGHT sandals. Here’s some reasons why I heart them and a few rules to consider:


  • Kids can wear sandals when it’s not actually hot – who wouldn’t want to rock their Salt-Waters for as long as possible.
  • Longer socks for colder days (instead of tights). Ankle socks when it’s just not that hot. Works in spring and summer…
  • A statement sock makes any simple outfit look cool.
  • They’re really comfortable. Especially for those early summer days when the kids are just wearing their sandals in – avoids rubbing.
  • Wear with cool socks – they can be fun, printed, bright, muted, grey – but shouldn’t be just part of a Peppa Pig sock multipack or similar. That doesn’t achieve the look I’m on about here. You don’t have to spend top dollar on a pair but you do have to be considered. Glittery or lurex socks are cute to. As is a subtle frill.
  • Socks work best with simple leather sandals that are plain in colour – tan, navy, brown and black all work well. My favourites are always Salt-Water and Young Soles.
  • I personally prefer to avoid the sporty slider (Nike/Adidas etc) with a sock. It feels a bit to ‘try-hard-fashion’ for kids.
  • Avoid socks with the obviously different colour toes and heels. They work well with shoes, just not so great with sandals.


The right socks to wear with sandals…

Click the pics to go straight to the product to buy.


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