I’ll come right out and say it. I’m pretty against little girls in bikinis. Just my opinion, no judgement intended. I think they’re kind of unnecessary. I prefer them just in little swim pants. Or an actual swimsuit. Or even just butt naked on the beach. The whole bikini thing just feels pointless. BUT. All my daughter wants for her (6th) birthday next month is a damn bikini. Eye roll. She’s also obsessed with crop tops. As you can imagine this doesn’t fill me with delight!

But as she will not stop going on about having a bikini I decided to seek out the prettiest, most stylish, age-appropriate one possible. Introducing the Ava Bikini from Olivier Baby. It’s £42 and available in sizes 1-10 years.

In a vintage style and ditsy Liberty print it’s charming. Especially when paired with one of the matching Agatha sun hats. Mission complete. But she’s definitely not getting a crop time any time soon (ever).

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