My edit of the very best girls summer dresses to buy now.

If your daughter is anything like mine she’ll probably be living in a summer dress for the next few months.

Much to my approval.

I wish I could fit into most of the below!

Dresses are probably my favourite thing to buy for my daughter. I love them. And because it’s a whole outfit I sometimes feel it’s okay to spend a little more on them. Especially on some of the much coveted labels that seem to hold their value even when preloved (must set up something like this as some point – adds to to-do list). For example Apolina. Whom I really wanted to include but they’ve all sold out!

So I’ve trawled through every shop (I think!) from the high street and supermarket through to luxury designers and independent small brands – both in the UK and further afield (hopefully a few new label intro’s for you too) – to bring you my favourites. I was aiming for 20, then 25 and then couldn’t actually bare to drop any! So 30 it is.

They’re stylish, age-appropriate, effortlessly cool and will take little ones from play and park dates through to smarter occasions. Some are £££ some are £. I hope there’s something for everyone. We already own (or have in the past) at least a third of them. A few others I may purchase… decisions, decisions.

Some of the below are affiliate links. But most importantly nothing has been chosen because it is an affiliate link.

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