The best winter boots for little girls.

Pic: Paula Siqueira

I think, generally, you get what you pay for when it comes to winter boots. They’re worth spending a little more on, if you can. That said, I have included a few high street finds below that I think are TOTAL bargains…

My general ‘boot’ rules for girls (and women, actually) are to keep it simple, traditional and classic in terms of shape, style and colour. I love a Chelsea, biker or desert boot. I don’t really like (though there are always exceptions) any kind of embellishment – sequins, flowers, bows etc. I DO like leopard print and I’m a bit devastated that my daughters’ Angulus leopard boots (below – and in the main pic) from last year no longer fit BUT they are still available in certain sizes in the SALE so I’ve included them in this edit in case you’re one of the lucky people whose child fit the sizes.

Just click on the pics below to go straight to the shop website…

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