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Stylish wellies for little ones

I love wellies on kids. It’s kind of how I think children should be dressed – in dungarees, home knitted jumpers and wellies. Adventuring outdoors, building dens in a forest like something out of an Enid Blyton novel. And it’s actually how I spent a lot of my childhood dressed – my Grandparents lived on a farm and one of my first memories is going out with my Grandad to get the cows in dressed in wellies with a mini version of his cow stick.

If your kids are anything like mine they’ll be wanting to wear their wellies at all times. Indoors or out. Which is actually quite practical. I have a bit of an issue with character wellies. I’m all for a bit of bright colour but the TV themes – Peppa Pig etc – are really not my thing. Am I an awful mother? I know my daughter would go mental over a pair of glittery Frozen wellies but I just won’t do it. (Just to clarify my kids definitely do watch these programmes, probably more than they should.) But I do love a classic wellington boot look. Maybe it’s because I am from a farming background? Wellies are supposed to be practical. So my preference would always be navy, black or khaki but I’ll accept any block colour. A little bit of detail done well can work for kids’ – even I couldn’t resist Greenberry Kids’ pink Kitty short rain boots which also come in yellow. And Gap’s yellow Dino wellies work for me too. I also surprise myself by rather liking the fox wellie liners in the pic above from JoJo Mama Bebe – £14. Tempted to buy them for mine.

Right now my two have and are wearing the block colour pull-on wellies below from Mothercare. Because they’re super cheap and pull-on. Which is SO much easier to deal with. One has navy. One has orange. Done. BUT I plan to buy the Aigle style next year when they can (hopefully) pull them on themselves, I love them. For a wellington boot they’re pretty dreamy. And Hunter of course is always a winner too.

Here are some of my current faves. Just click on the pics below to go directly to the product to buy…


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