The 10 best baby changing bags

Stylish, cool, practical

Not so long ago changing bags were a bit dull. You’d have to compromise on style and probably spend a decent amount of money on a bag you didn’t love because it had some extra pockets and a strap that would fit over the handle of a pram. But in the last few years the game has changed. To quote the Tiba + Marl hashtag, changing bags finally got cool. New brands popped up – the aforementioned Tiba + Marl, Jem + Bea, Josefina…

And now they’re ‘a thing’. Non-mums use them. Women who could actually spend their cash on a regular bag are choosing a baby changing bag for daytime use, mums are using them long after they need to. And for work, travel, the gym. Not just when they have the little ones in tow.

I, for one, am very happy about all this. When I had my first baby (3.5 years ago) I struggled to find a changing bag I liked. I came across the Mia Bossi tote below and ordered it from the US because I couldn’t find anything I loved in the UK (paid the shipping, annoying but it was actually worth it) and loved it. I used it right up until I had my second (18-months ago) when Tiba + Marl were well on the scene and I chose the Raf holdall below as it was big enough to fit everything I needed for a new baby as well as the potty-training gear, spare clothes and snacks essential for a toddler. And now my youngest is walking and talking I use the Tiba + Marl Elwood backpack below which I adore and use for work attire also.

I would use all of the below – with or without baby. I really want the Josefina rucksack (it also comes in a delicious tan leather, I almost included both), those studs! If I have a third maybe…

One last thing. A lot of people say you don’t need a baby changing bag – it’s a luxury buy. I agree. However, a specially-designed changing bag makes life a LOT easier. It’s the compartments mainly. Organisation is key as all mothers will know. Leaving the house is a military operation. They also come with the changing mat and accessories you never knew you needed (usually) and the straps fit the buggy blah blah blah. BUT if you do have a great tote you intend to use another option is the BagItBaby which is an insert that fits any bag and has all the compartments you’d find in a standard changing bag.

Anyway, these are the baby changing bags I would quite like to buy now.

PS. How much of a bargain is the H&M leopard print? I’m buying for my holiday baby beach bag solution!


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