I’ve fallen for the hype and become obsessed with Veja Kids trainers.




I’ve been checking them out for a few years, since they first became available on Smallable.

I love the women’s styles too.

But I want my kids in those trainers.

Veja, if you haven’t heard of them are a French (Parisian, I mean they already sound cool right?) eco-friendly trainer brand. But the trainers don’t look eco-friendly. It’s the effortlessly simple look of understated cool that I love and want. They’re timelessly classic and unisex. Like Converse I guess, but more substantial. A discreet brand. Subtler than Adidas, Nike or New Balance. And they cost around the same amount. Plus you’re promoting sustainability, something the big brands most certainly don’t put into practise. They’re about to be huge which is amazing because they don’t advertise – and I’m not writing this because I’ve been gifted any (I wish!). Just because I love them and I want them for the whole family. Right, that’s me persuaded.

Shop the full range at Smallable and Cocoonchild.


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